EFG Foodservice is the recently adopted trading name of the long-established Essex Flour & Grain Co. Ltd wholesaler, and the new name accurately reflects what this business is about.

We have bases in Hackney (our main base is right alongside the Olympic Park), in Baldock, Hertfordshire and we are also active in South Wales. We specialise in ambient foods but have a wide range of chilled foods and non-food lines and we are now rolling out a comprehensive range of frozen foods. We have also long had environmental priorities and we are involved in waste minimisation and recycling through initiatives like cardboard and waste oil collection and expect soon to be in polystyrene compacting.

To succeed for customers in the tough current economic circumstances we simply must buy well. Through our membership of Landmark and the mutually-owned Country Range Group, we can buy competitively and can offer as an exceptionally reputable own brand, the Country Range portfolio of almost 1000 products. We are also proud to now be distributing the Italian brand Fabbri 1905, a range of Mixybar syrups, Mixyfruit and Gourmet Sauces for coffee, cocktails and desserts.

Working to provide a service that I can be proud of has been the main focus of my life since graduating from Cambridge University in 1975 and becoming London’s best qualified van-boy. In terms of our Corporate Social responsibility we are proud to provide employment in Inner London – parts of Hackney do suffer from acute deprivation – and on the Herts / Beds border. I have also been involved in local Athletics for some 40 years and we support financially both Enfield and Haringey Athletic Club and, locally in Hackney Wick, the work of the London Coaching Foundation.

I hope my business can offer the best possible solution to your needs. I and my colleagues welcome the opportunity to meet you.

Michael Spinks
Chairman & Managing Director