EFG Company History


The first official records for the Company are created, as Essex Flour and Grain (EFG) is incorporated, based at Liverpool Road, Islington, London. At this point the company runs a horse and cart delivery service of rice and flour sacks, weighing up to 280 pounds. The delivery service involves going to the local London villages and doing house to house sales, until the cart was empty. The Company also attends exhibitions to demonstrate what the business is doing, and wins a Silver Medal at the Universal Cookery and Food Exhibition in Knightsbridge in 1889.


The first involvement of the Spinks family comes in 1936, with the company being re-incorporated at that time. Horse and cart is still the main way of delivering to customers and there was a retail shop in Caledonian Road. During the Second World War the business of the company is difficult to track. We do know that, somewhat illegally, pasta was being made by members of the family and sold to members of the public. There are accounts for the repair of air raid damage to the yard in 1941. However there is little recorded information about the EFG main business.


Following the end of the war, EFG changes from horses to vans and from delivering to individual households to delivering to businesses, moving in to Foodservice. EFG picks up business, and starts to supply Highgate School in the 1960’s; they remain one of our most valued customers to this day. January 1963 also brings a proud moment for the company, as Harry Claude Spinks receives a Royal Warrant signed by the Lord Chamberlain for the provision of tinned meats, vegetables, fruits and cereals to HR Majesty.

1975- 1995

The modern formation of EFG starts to come together as Michael Spinks and his brother Richard join in the mid 1970’s. EFG was then under the leadership of their father Roy (Harry) Spinks. Michael takes over the sales side of the business, while Richard runs the logistical side of things. The first fridge is installed in the late 70’s, as the company starts to diversify its range of products to meet the growing needs of its customer base, including its first schools contract with Haringey council in 1985. This period also sees the business expand, acquiring the Walter Clarke business in Baldock, Hertfordshire. With this purchase EFG becomes a member of what would eventually become the Country Range Group.


In 1996 the company moves from its old base in Islington to a purpose built facility in Hackney, East London. The new facility comprises of 3 separate warehouses under the A12 flyover which allows the company to greatly expand its product range over the next few years. The Managing Director is now Michael Spinks, while Richard Spinks splits his time between EFG and working for the Police. The fourth generation of the Spinks family now joins the company, with the arrivals of Alex, Rob and Tim, bringing with them new interests especially in the area of new technology.

2014 onwards

2014 saw the business press forwards, with the company changing its trading name to EFG Foodservice, to better reflect the modern set up of the company. The company also invested in new Frozen and Chilled facilities at the Hackney site. By 2017 the company had converted one warehouse into Frozen storage and developed a partnership with Fabbri 1905 to sell their reange of Mixybar syrups, Mixyfruit purees and Gourmet Sauces for coffees, desserts and cocktails.