EFG Foodservice’s whole business proposition was originally based around our Ambient offering. We have grown this over the past century to now offer 3,000 individual ambient lines, representing major brands and the Country Range own label. This product guide is not intended to be comprehensive – it never could be. We continually refine our product range, adding new lines as they become available and deleting lines that have had their day. It does feature the core range products from numerous key suppliers.

The links below will each download a pdf of part of our product brochure. For a free printed copy please ring our contact number above.

Ambient Foods part 1  oils, sugars & syrups, baking, cooking aids, canned vegetables, condiments, herbs & spices

Ambient Foods part 2 pickles & sauces, stir-in pastes, ready-to-use sauces, gravy

Ambient Foods part 3 canned meat & fish, pastes, spreads, fillings, preserves

Ambient Foods part 4 soups, beverages, desserts, canned fruit,pasta, pulses, fruit, nuts, stuffings, breadcrumbs

Ambient Foods part 5 drinks, crisps, snacks, peanuts, cakes, biscuits, bread, confectionery, breakfast cereals