Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best foodservice option for chefs and catering professionals in our delivery area. We aim to provide a service that is local to your business and tailored to your needs, built on our business ethos of fair pricing and exceptional, personal, customer service. We build relationships that last to ensure we can help you build a business that lasts.

2018 marks a significant increase in our proactive efforts to lower the environmental impact of our customers alongside the work we have done and continue to do to reduce our own impact, building a sustainable future together.

We have a programme of improvements and changes in place to help us achieve this and will share our achievements with you throughout the year. In the meantime we are proud to already have the following policies in place:

Recycle waste in both the office and warehouse

Donate short dated stock to charity

Maintain delivery fleet for minimum pollution (all vehicles are already compliant with the criteria for the 2019 London Ultra Low Emissions Zone requirements)

Careful route planning to minimise distances travelled

Stock compostable and recyclable alternatives to plastic

Prioritise the sale and use of compostable, recyclable or sustainably packaged products

Source products locally where possible

Supporting customers to make their businesses more environmentally friendly





Find out about our green credentials here Green in 2018

Working together to go green

With the current movement towards creating a cleaner, greener environment for future generations, EFG Foodservice is well placed to help the businesses we serve develop greener solutions and be part of this movement. In particular we are encouraging customers move away from single use plastics to greener solutions with our comprehensive range of compostable and recyclable alternatives that perform just as well as their plastic counterparts.

Whether you are ready to ditch plastic yet or not, we are committed to helping all of our customers make changes to the way they operate in order to better protect the environment. Even small changes over time will have a big impact.

Our account managers here at EFG Foodservice can work with you to identify simple substitutions to the products you purchase that have a positive impact on reducing damage to the environment throughout the supply chain. They understand the difficulties involved in making changes in the way you do business, and are especially sensitive to the fact that if it isn’t straightforward and easy to repeat day in day out that it isn’t going to be sustainable. Any suggestions they make will be tailored specifically to you and your business.

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