Essex Flour and Grain is founded by the Carwardean family to sell flour, grains and rice. Whilst the warehouse is based on Liverpool Road, Islington, staff use the company’s horse and cart to sell direct to house wives and house keepers, going door to door across London.


The company attends the Universal Cookery and Food Exhibition in Knightsbridge to showcase what the business is doing and wins a silver medal.


The company is taken over by the Spinks family while continuing to deliver to customers using horse and cart the company also, for the first and only time in its history, opened a shop in Caledonian Road.


During the Second World War, Essex Flour and Grain branches out into making and selling pasta to the public.


Essex Flour & Grain transitions from horse and cart to vans and begins delivering direct to businesses.


Managing Director Harry Claude Spinks receives a Royal Warrant (sadly now expired) for the provision of tinned meats, vegetables, fruits and cereals from HR Majesty.


Roy (Harry) Spinks, son of Harry Claude Spinks, takes over from his father as managing director.


Roy's sons Michael and Richard Spinks join the management team, launching Essex Flour & Grain into a modern era.


The first fridge is installed to support the company’s growing and diversified product range.


We win our first schools contract, signing a deal with Haringey Council to supply all their schools.


Michael Spinks takes over from his father as Managing Director.


Essex Flour & Grain acquires the Walter Clarke business in Baldock expanding our customer base into Hertfordshire and beyond.


We bid farewell to our site in Liverpool Road and re-locate to our current site in Hackney, East London, where we now have space for three purpose-built warehouses and an office space for the growing company.


The fourth generation of the Spinks family joins the company in the shape of Richard’s sons Rob and Alex, continuing the family legacy. Together they helping to modernise the company.


Tim Spinks, son of Michael Spinks, joins the company ushering in a new focus on technologies and streamlining the company’s processes.


The company changed its trading name to EFG Foodservice in an attempt to distance ourselves from the limited product offering of flour and grains of our past whilst still honouring our heritage.


Fiona Spinks, Rob’s cousin (and Tim’s sister) decides to join the company offering some much needed organisational support in the form of office manager.


EFG Foodservice makes the bold move to convert one entire warehouse into frozen storage at the Hackney site to substantially increase our product offering in this area.


EFG Foodservice refresh the brand opting for a new look and feel to mark numerous changes this year. Alongside a new website, one of the biggest changes is Walter Clarke relocates to a permanent site in Stevenage and officially adopts the refreshed EFG Foodservice brand.