Tell A Friend

Tell A Friend

Do you know of someone who is looking for a new foodservice provider? Recommend us and fill out the “Tell a Friend” contact form. You can request a form from your driver or visit: Tell a Friend Form to complete the form online. Be sure to include both your details and theirs. Completed forms can be returned to EFG Foodservice with your driver or by post. We will be in touch to discuss their needs and our account opening procedure. When they sign up and place two orders of £125 or higher in value you will both receive a £25 John Lewis Gift Card.

We can only accept customers that are located within our delivery areas (approximately a 20mile radius of Stevenage town centre or an 8mile radius of Hackney, London). All new customers will be subject to a credit check prior to an account being opened. Recommended customers cannot have been a customer of EFG Foodservice within the last 12 months. Minimum order value for all customers is £125 (unless agreed via previous arrangement i.e. for orders you will collect in person).

There is no limit to the number of people you can recommend or the number of gift cards you will receive should they all sign up and order with us.

Terms & conditions

  1. We will only accept recommendations from current, active customers. This means that your accounts must be up-to-date and that you have placed an order within the last three months.
  2. We can only accept recommendations where you have confirmed that you have sought and gained permission for us to contact the people listed on the contact form. There is a tick box for this on both the physical and online contact forms.
  3. For recommendations to be considered eligible the proposed customer must meet the following criteria
    1. Their business address must be within our delivery area (approximately a 20 mile radius of Stevenage town centre or an 8 mile radius of Hackney, London).
    2. The proposed customer must not have previously been a customer of ours. I.e. the following types of recommendations will be considered ineligible:
      1. Businesses with the same name and owner/management team as a previous customer of ours
      2. Businesses with a new name listed at the same location with the same owner/management team as a previous customer of ours
  4. If the recommended customers meets these criteria, passes a credit check and opens an account with us we will track their first few orders. Once they have placed and received two orders valued at £125 or more, you and they will become eligible for the £25 John Lewis gift card.
  5. Gift cards will be sent out in the post following the qualifying orders from the new customer.
  6. Gift cards are not exchangeable for goods or cash alternatives.